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Protect your home from hazards and dangers

Security Cameras & Surveillance Cameras in Canton, Ohio

Keep your family safe when it matters most. Sentry Security provides safety measures for virtually any hazard that could threaten your family’s well being. With devices that notify you when doors or windows open, motion detectors, glass breakage detectors, remotes and voice enunciators to announce when certain actions take place. When a fire breaks out and no one is around to take care of it immediately, your family needs to be notified as soon as you can be. Sentry Security aims to keep you and your family safe with high-tech smoke detectors with heat detection, heat detectors with rate of rise for various levels of temperatures, pull stations, horn strobes, door closures and duct detectors.

Ensure your house is a safe space with Sentry Security. Stop threats before they happen, prevent dangers from escalating and protect your family. Call Sentry Security today at (330) 498-9040 and we’ll work with you to create a safe haven for you and your family!