Since 1955, VACUFLO® central vacuum systems have provided consumers with whole-house cleaning power and convenience. VACUFLO offers numerous benefits including patented Filtration Methods, unique Quick Clean Solutions, improved Indoor Air Quality and the industry's most comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty.

VACUFLO central vacuums are proudly assembled in Canton, Ohio, by H-P Products Inc. Get a Free Consultation


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Tired of lugging around a heavy vacuum around the house? Here’s your solution:

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VACUFLO central vacuums are proudly assembled in Canton, Ohio, by H-P Products Inc. Since 1945, H-P Products, Inc., premier manufacturer of central vacuums and tubing-related products, has established an internationally recognized operation developed on the genuine principles of producing high-quality products, while servicing the needs of a wide customer base. Superior service and performance practices that key executives have instilled in the company have positioned H-P as a leader in the tubular products and central vacuum industries.

True Cyclonic

True Cyclonic is our tried and true power unit- bagless, filterless and a work horse of a central vacuum. With a 6-gallon dirt canister and the unit being exhausted outside the home, minimal maintenance is needed throughout the year. It is suggested that every 4-6 months, empty the dirt canister and clean the permanent filter screen to promote maximum air flow to the motor allowing for consistent power and worry-free operation each and every time you vacuum.

Filtered Cyclonic

Filtered Cyclonic is a great choice for Hide-A-Hose systems. Features a pleated cartridge filter that is suggested to be changed at minimum once a year, provides ample power, quiet operation and on-board inlet valves providing easy access to your unit when installed in a basement, garage or utility room without needing to install an additional valve. It is optional to exhaust this units outside making them a great choice for retrofit installations and in situations where the unit cannot be installed close to an exterior wall of the home.


  • No bags or filters needed
  • Required to be exhausted outside
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Wide range of units to accommodate any home size
  • Large capacity dirt receptacle
  • Removes 100% of vacuumed dirt, dust, allergens and debris from the home
  • Assembled in Canton, Ohio by H-P Products, a trusted name in the industry
  • Provides for whole-house cleaning with one simple system
  • Filtered Cyclonic system utilizes cyclonic separation for primary filtration and a pleated cartridge filter for secondary filtration

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