LG Brand Home Entertainment & Custom Installation at Sentry Security in Canton, OH

LG is a world leader in Home Appliances & Air Solutions, Mobile Communications, Home Entertainment, and Vehicle Components.

Throughout 118 nations and 71 unique companies, LG's 75,000 employees strive to put a smile on people's faces with consumer and business products that represent state-of-the-art achievement. Offering attractive designs, unquestioned reliability, and ingenious technology, they create the ultimate brand benefit: Innovation for a better life.

At Sentry Security, we utilize LG's cutting edge line of flat panel displays. From the biggest and best OLED 4K televisions, to the most budget-focused, smaller displays, LG's reliability and ease-of-use is reflected in all of their products. We are extremely proud to offer LG products here at Sentry Security. Get a Free Consultation


Interview with Hollywood Director, Tim Miller

Interview with Hollywood Director, Rob Legato


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